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Sacre sent us this mix with a message (you can read full of that bellow!), we listened and feel it. It's kinda melancholic sounds bit experimental feeling, and the spices of depressed vibes. This mix is resonant with our experience of 2021 in Vietnam. Strong Restrictions, Isolation and Lockdown days.



Sacre is for the infinite freaks of the cosmos. A passionate music lover who wishes to give years of dedication exploring sounds and sights throughout the world to the dancefloor. Playing in the strangest of places for the purpose of the boogie - he’s found a way to impact and connect a world of sound, visuals, creators, masters, and models towards a utopian dancefloor. With a push for the wavy sounds - his sets usually begin in an ambient haze of psychedelic airyness that slowly begin to groove before moving through levels of house, skittering techno, tribal arrangements, and buzzing basslines.

Since living in Vietnam, the Canadian curator has pushed the envelope of music, art, and events through launching the labels Defused Mood, Sacred Sounds,Treehouse and Blossom / Bloom Festival, as well as the creative hub Arch Cafe + Gallery. He’s performed alongside DJ’s and artists Curses, Bawrut, Phuong Vu Manh, Thomas Von Party, and Dao Anh Khanh. Expect strange new and exciting directions with every enhancing experience that carries the Sacre signature.

Message from Sacre

For this mix made during the darkest days of lockdown when the end of times seemed near, money was scarce, inspiration even less - Sacre sourced the languages and voice clips from around the world and paired it with a deep selection of ambient tracks in order to fill the spaces between the sounds with the comfort of our most human connecting tool - voice.

“Ambient music can be lonely sometimes - therefore I layered worldwide languages, sounds, and nostalgia throughout the mix in order to keep me company.

My journey through the world recognizing strife and beauty was encapsulated within these recording minutes and I hope they inspire you to continue doing whatever it is you love doing and hold onto pieces of yourself along the way, cause they mean something.

It begins with Kraftwerk - Ananas Symphony - a tracked i’ve used to set a mood to open special sets - matched with the voice of a Cambodia street peddling young boy - who communicates in 13 different tongues. MF Doom shares some words of advice before the waves wash away as he sings his goodbye and we traverse towards a poem by Ocean Vuong. He remarks on the way language is used to relay secret messages and communicate meaning others can't pick up on - as this was used in the evacuation of Saigon - much like the evacuation of Afghanistan - language can be exclusive, while also fostering our desire to keep close connection to our own.

There's the pain of an old mans regrets, poetry by the greats, the plight of the damaged, the remote tongues of Northern Canadian Cree indigineous to the Kromanti deep patwa of Jamaica; there's expression of the love of creativity of David Lynch, and Lee Scratch Perry (RIP) and the remorse of many lost lovers throughout the hour and a half.

The sounds will drift from bedroom chatter through to busy crowds into nature, water, sky and into the cosmos

Please digest at the most tranquil part of your day or night.


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