Play #39 Marron aka dubmarronics

The first time I met Marron san was when I was living in Hanoi in 2017. From there we played at the event every year in Hoi An and Saigon as tour support. He was a really energetic old guy and I had the impression that I had never seen anyone like him in my life. However, I was always healed by his interesting and zen ambient and excellent guitar performance. Thank you for the opportunity to share this feeling with more people.


Marron aka dubmarronics (marron - Yasuhiko Tanaka)

Born in Yasu, Shiga in 1969, he hasn't stop playing guitar since he picked up his first guitar when he was 12. Through his musically-liberated unique filters, he gives birth to various genres of music. Smiling from ear-to-ear, he believes there lay something beyond laughter.

Under the solo label of "marron aka dubmarronics", he gained the respect of musicians around the world as the founder of guitar electronica for his unique ambient technique.

With the duo "dubdub on-seng" with Manabu Sakata, the potential of a Drum'n'guitar duo was unleashed with the smash-hit 12-inch single "Calypso On-Seng" released by Japonica Label. "Based On Kyoto" he believes in "Think global, act local" and leads the movement with DJ Daichi mainly in the house music scene. He pushes the frontier of ambient music and gives it a new definition with his works by "dubmarronics". His other activities include Progressive Jam Trio - "Pramai Zero" with Yuji Katsui and Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Kyoto Sightseeing Guide and Rock Jam Unit "Guitar Hero Kanko Kyokai's" with SHIMIZ from SOFT, "HERBS" with 528Hz ACOON HIBINO, "George to Marron no Ambi na yoru" with Joji Sawada, support of "Sayoko" (Sayoko Otonara, ex.ZELDA), etc.

He has also collaborated with many international artists, including "Fernando Kabusacki" from Argentina, "Bill Horist" from Seattle, and British filmmaker "Max Hattler", and has worked as the music director for Seattle's Butoh team “P.A.N.", which won the Chuncheon He won the dokkebi awards at the International Mime Festival. As the music director for the performance group “holon", he won the Special Jury Prize at the ACC Sound Performance Dojo. In addition, he has performed at Portland's 5 Centers for the Arts, Seattle's Moore Theatre and has provided music for the All One Project Foundation, a non-profit foundation that supports mindfullness activities. In recent years, they have been touring in Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong and other Asian countries.


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