Play #42 Kazuma

We've just received a radio mix worthy of your attention. This is a mix by Kazuma from Kyoto, Japan, who played at Studio Adventure in Hanoi 2018 and completely rocked the floor until morning with his skillful mixes and great sound control.

The mix flowed from start to finish, and the 90-minute high-quality Kazuma's section gradually increased in pitch.


Kazuma (TONEFLOAT / platform)

Kazuma was born in Japan, 1975. There he started his musical journey from 90’s hiphop, ever since that time he spent most of his time as a seekers after musical enthusiasm, digging ravenously any kind of music, experimental, jazz, ambient, abstract, house, tech house, techno etc.

His first professional step into electronic music was abstract hiphop DJ, but just in a few years he became famous by his unique activities around Kyoto underground scene, seeking elements that stir peoples’s imagination, like environmental sounds of old temple, drab texture of factory architecture, and reconstitute an abstract sound scape from those elements.

After moving to Kyoto city 1998, and being inspired by lots of collaboration with world class artists, his style was slightly shifted from experimental to more comfort something. Once he was a experimentalist of night club, but now is a reliable tour guide for trippy sound journey. Today he keeps his feet on the ground of Kyoto but he is always traveling his underground network throughout Japan. His quest for music still goes on.


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