Play #38 Itch

I think DJ like Itch san, who introduce rare music sources from different countries to the world, should be appreciated more. Thank you for introducing us to the music of Southeast Asia, which is full of surprises and discoveries that will never see the light of day for a long time. There are so many names of subgenres I don't know ! So deep Asian Funk music.


Itch (NIGHTCAP / Singapore, Japan)

DJ and a vinyl collector, based in Singapore. His musical journey is inspired by the “local exotic funk a-go-go” music from Singapore and Nanyang/Nusantara region produced in 1960s to ’80s, such as Nanyang A-Go-Go or Hala-Hala, Malay Funk, Hokkien Disco, Cantonese Funk, Pop Yeh Yeh, Asian City Pop, and other underrated groovy exotic music. Itch’s vinyl record DJ set specialises in discovering the Asian groove, introducing the forgotten local music gems to modern listeners to enjoy, and brings back nostalgic vibes for old-timers. Itch has appeared in various events/festivals in Singapore, and also spinned in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Taipei, and Tokyo. Currently, he is a resident DJ at Singapore Community Radio program “NIGHTCAP”, introducing Citypop and Asian Boogie.


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