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B.A.X. is one of the most prolific film score composers in Vietnam in recent years. Alongside his commendable work in film, he has also been a DJ for many years, a central figure in the enduring techno party scene in Saigon, contributing significantly to events such as Heart Beat Saigon, HRBR, and more.

He is known for playing melancholic, melodic techno music that creates beautiful moments on the dancefloor. You can distinctly sense his rich musical background in his mixes. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful musical journey that B.A.X. has to offer.



Holy Grail Music, Manual Music, Sound Avenue, 3rd Avenue, fryhide, Amulanga Records, Soundteller Records, Flug Lab, Juicebox Music, Muak Music / VN]

Born in 1989 in Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam, Bach was taught to play the piano when he was eight years old. Later on he took academic piano lessons at the Ho Chi Minh City Conservatory of Music, graduated the Intermediate Long-term program in 2009 and achieved the Piano Bachelor's degree in 2014. Bach has been playing the piano for more than 10 years now and this impressive sound has had a big influence on his music career ever since he started playing. He then discovered his passion of composing music and started his own project ‘B.A.X.’ at the age of 18. He has spent a lot of time to do research about electronic music and composed his first New Age / Ambient works. He stepped into the film score career in 2010 and started composing for several short films, later on scoring for Vietnamese feature movies from 2014.

He started the DJ career since 2012 with Heart Beat Saigon and since 2016 with HRBR (Harbour Saigon). Through many years of cultivation, the color of his Deep & Progressive House music has gradually become an unforgettable symbol, a color that melody and harmony are the main euphonious factor that was influenced a lot from his film score background. From here on, he began to produce electronic music for his own dance floor.

In 2018, his very first EP ‘Microcrystals’ was released on MNL sub-label from Paul Hazendonk’s Manual Music, the release was miraculously praised by Paul himself as well as other renown artists. Following in early 2019 was a highlight when he dropped down ‘Moongazer’ EP on Manual Deep and ‘Nature’s Hymn’ EP on 3rd Avenue, single tune ‘Pongour Falls’ featuring in SC2019 compilation on HOSH’s imprint FRYHIDE. With a vast understanding of music, until now he has produced and brought many grand releases on more labels such as Sound Avenue, Muak Music and Soundteller Records.

To continuing the musical journey, he decided to establish his own label Holy Grail Music in his hometown in 2019 which has been a dream he have cherished for years, an opportunity to gradually expand the music production and connection with local artists as well as artists around the world.


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