Play #52 Jauge

This is an ambient mix of all original tracks by Jauge, who has produced music in Vietnam and released many styles of tracks. We hope you enjoy the beautiful ambient journey he creates.



Jauge is the musical output for George Stockton. He has been producing and playing a variety of his sounds and others, since 2010.

His first release was 'Be Free' on Bad Panda Records in 2012 and a second named 'Gather' in 2015. That year he also released 'Soon' on MTA records. He has remixed the likes of Bodhi, Antenna Happy and Snowpoet.

He continues to work with Cardiff/London based 'Sleep Walk Listen' and was a part of the artist Snowskull's - 'All Great Thoughts Are Conceived By Walking' EP which involved several collaborations with artists across the UK.

Since leaving the UK he has been residing in Hanoi VN where he has released music on the recent label, Magic Box Engine.


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