Play #8 Di Linh

Di Linh

HUM, Savage, Melting Pizza/ VN

Di Linh is a young artist from Vietnam. Since she began the musical path, she has been making her mark by the diverse and colorful music selection. She is a part of Hanoi Underground Movement (HUM) and resident DJ at Savage.

Till this day, Di Linh often plays in familiar places like Savage, Kobala, Smack Dab,... through local events HUM, Snug, SBD, This is, Guinguette, Unuzual and Quest, Duality, Recess, Studio Adventure, Epizode Festival. Besides, her name also appears the same night with well-known artists such as Lauer, Red Rack’em, Local Suicide, Haruka, Omer, Curses and many more around the world in Epizode.

And the highlight of her music career was her performance in HUM Showcase (Epizode) with Marco Yanes, which also mentioned in the official review from Data Transmission:…Nn_Esg2H7AuQWnw

Each space gives her different inspirations, Di Linh is always looking and developing herself to give the audiences a fresh feeling, while still retaining her own unique color. She knows how to lead the audiences' emotions into her own story, then leave a strong impression after each set through a variety of sounds such as Disco, House and Techno.


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