Play #56 Tourguide

We met once on the streets of Tokyo. At that time, I didn’t knew that he’s Vietnamese. After listening to his Corona D’amore mix during the pandemic, I decided that I would love to have him do a mix for us. After the pandemic, he had more opportunities to play in Vietnam, and I was still convinced that my feeling was right. I am enjoying this mix, dreaming that one day we can play together in Vietnam.



Tourguide aka Nhật-Vũ Đặng is a Dutch Vietnamese jewellery maker who enjoys digging for downtempo and ambient gems in his free time.

His interest in music was sparked through video games like Final Fantasy and Zelda, music from runway shows, cinema and breakdancing. For a decade he worked for the Comme des Garçons store in Berlin who gave him the creative freedom to select and shape its musical identity. Through out these years he became increasingly aware how sound affects a space.

He and his twin brother Đăng-Vũ Đặng (DJ Burun Đănga) enjoyed watching projections of Planet Earth documentaries and animations with their own compiled soundtrack and would occasionally organise private screenings with close friends. That’s when he realised he had to learn how to mix to create more immersive experiences. As a result a mix series emerged based on various landscapes. He shared them with a handful of friends who encouraged him to dig deeper and to start playing for public events.

His first gig was at Cocktail d’Amore’s morphine room in 2015 and more recently at Whole Festival, Wonderfruit Festival and is currently one of the resident DJ’s of Equation festival in Vietnam.


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