Play #51 Banes

Banes, an energetic DJ in Saigon's UK-style music scene, recently shared a exclusive mix with us, an opportunity made possible by a mutual acquaintance. His unique talent stands out in a scene where high-quality mixes combining UKG, Rave, and Techno are few. We invite you to enjoy this bold mix from Banes.



With music, drums were my first love.

The energy you feel behind a kit is unreal. It’s why I started playing in hardcore punk, metal and thrash bands at 15, where I really started to understand how rhythm changes a song’s dynamic.

But when I started studying Music Tech at college, the only hardcore I played was 90s rave classics. This was a life-changing period for me. I was exploring techno, dub, garage, and basically anything electronic, then spinning the finds at my mate’s house parties.

Then by 2019, I was DJing around Bristol and ended up getting a residency at a local club called, The Old Crown Courts. That’s basically where I learnt my foundations.

Since leaving the UK for Saigon, I’ve met some incredible people and connected with the city’s super supportive scene. In a pretty short time, I’ve already played several events, festivals and clubs like The Obs, Lighthouse, and the Villa Project.

For my Mogra mix, I created a hybrid set recorded in my mate’s living room. I think the need for a live element in my sets recently comes from playing the drums, so I’ve started using a sampler to add voice samples and warped elements to create deeper, more textured and evolving soundscapes.

I hope you enjoy it!


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