Play #49 Ani Phoebe

When I met her in Hanoi in 2017 she was not yet a DJ, but I sensed something special about her power. Keep an eye out for Ani's future moves as she expands her activities in various places like Brazil, NYC, Hong Kong, India or Europe.


Ani Phoebe

Ani Phoebe is the Hong Kong based DJ and co-founder/director of Bad Times Disco (HK), an independent platform focused on digging traditions, diverse & eclectic music, community building, and the intersection of mutual aid and music.

She has developed her unique style through researching and digging out eclectic styles of production by underknown artists from the 80s to the 2000s. One of Ani Phoebe’s areas of experience is the downtempo, cosmic disco, and synth pop realms, being a resident DJ of renowned underground music festival Cosmic Gathering (DE) and having performed at experimental stages on Nation of Gondwana (DE) and Atlas Electronic (MR). At the same time, her breadth also extends to heavy dancefloors and electronic clubs, performing sets that expand on 90s progressive house to 2000s eurodance, digging for rare versions of nostalgic numbers. Weaving through all her sets are emotional, often female vocals, and synthesized sounds in all of their diversity and power. A strong emerging DJ on a global scene, Ani Phoebe has recently toured Brazil, the US, and Europe in 2022.


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