Play #46 1DAN

Very strange sound quality track counties.But these are all very warm sounding. It begins and ends with ambient.The House also continues with ambience, but the pitch ups in the middle of the mix is also moderately natural and easy to ride. In general, it is a very pleasant and gentle mix. Arigato Dan !


1DAN (DeepSystems/Batti Batti/Atmospheric Existence Recs/Pink Room Records)

After many years of honing his sound and learning the craft, 1DAN’s first release appeared in 2011 on respected UK underground deep house label; Atmospheric Existence Recordings. This was followed up by a rash of releases on the Maltese label Batti Batti with support from DJ's such as Jus-Ed, Fred P and others.

Aside from solo studio work, collaborations with Bittersuite's Jon 'Griffin' Gray have resulted in a clutch of releases under their Tales Ov Rossi guise, returning to Atmospheric Existence Recordings with the last release ‘Pieces Of A Puzzle’ marking the re-launch of UK label DeepSystems.2019 witnessed the birth of yet another pseudonym; Flank. An output for techno initially gracing the landmark Vietnamese label Pink Room Records.

When in the booth, 1DAN’s DJ style moves from blistering techno to obscure deep house, providing listeners with unique selections that challenge the mind and feet.


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