Play #36 TaoFu

She usually does a House mix, but what she sent us was this lockdown moody mix. There are so many things to think about. I just want to thank you for not losing hope and for bringing your passion for music to us. We are happy to be able to bring you a different side of her as Mogra Radio.


TaoFu (The Observatory, Atipik/ VN)

TaoFu is the freshest member of Atipik crew from Hanoi and the newest addition to The Observatory’s residency. With a big love for music and dreaming of being the one brings joys to the crowds, she starts to dive into the underground music scene making a strong impression on the audiences from the start. She finds her own colors in various genres and aim to bring the unique selections that will surely sweep you off your feet. An unpredictable sound experience for all music lovers.

For this mix, she’d like to take us to a slow journey, starting with triphop-influenced and gently move to classic house. A selection to relax in this lockdown situation.


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