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Originally a drummer in a PUNK band, Sinkichi san's music still has a PUNK feel to it.But it also has a warmth that gently envelops you. Sinkichi, who is also the remastering engineer for Yasuaki Shimizu's Re-issue album, creates music that is detailed and beautiful. This is a mix full of warmth and hope that makes me dream of one day being able to play in Vietnam again.


Sinkichi (Churashima Navigator/budryukyu)

Procucer / DJ / Remixer Mastering, Recording and Mixing engineer

Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1970, SINKICHI grew up soccer mad before turning to punk rock in a rebellion against the control-orientated Japanese educational system, and as a means to highlight social issues such as denuclearization and discrimination. He has played drums since the age of 15 and been a member of many different bands. In 1990, he visited the UK where he was influenced by its rave culture and electronic music, and branched out into synthesizers, tape loops and programming. From the late 90s to the early 2000s, he released many tracks as an active member of bands famous in the Japanese dance music scene, such as SOFT and AOA. Around the same time, he started DJing in earnest and played at numerous clubs and events both domestically and internationally.

In the late 2000s, he moved to Okinawa and influenced by the folk music there started the label “budryukyu” and the band “CHURASHIMA NAVIGATOR” aiming to create an amalgam of Okinawan native music and electronic dance/bass. In 2015, he released a remix for “YAKAZA ENSEMBLE” from Turkey and in 2017, he toured from Thailand to Mongolia as a member of CHURASHIMA NAVIGATOR and toured as a DJ across Asia to build his fan base.

In 2018, the long-awaited CHURASHIMA NAVIGATOR debut album “LIFE IS TREASURE” was finally released to the delight of fans. In addition, he is actively working on various projects as a mastering engineer and aka Isatooment.

His unique and one-of-a-kind DJing style across various music genres and BPM takes audiences on a musical round-the-world trip transcending time and space. Even through playing the latest dance tracks, he gives clubbers a feeling of their roots and a means to search their souls.


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