Play #27 Nanogram


Nanogram is the Hong Kong-based DJ project of Jason Ng. Since 2017, Nanogram has evolved through different genres ultimately finding his own unique style in blending techno, industrial and experimental electronic music. Since 2018, Jason curate the monthly industrial/techno/ebm/coldwave club night at 宀 Club – Entropy 熵, which have brought international artists and regional artists such as Sinus O, Haruka, MXMLXXXV, FMTM (1/2 of NHK), and C-Kay.

Nanogram is currently the resident DJ of 宀 Club and Entropy 熵, and has performed alongside Phase Fatale, Mr. Ho, Sinus O, Haruka and more. Other than his residency at 宀 Club, he had been invited to performed at famed venues, such as KGR Tokyo, Bonobo, Oil Club Shenzhen. He has contributed a podcast mix to C-Kay’s Coma Hole series, and is currently running Entropy Radio series on Radio Huruhara.


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