Play #25 Robiniki

Robiniki is the very first Japanese Vinahouse DJ in the whole world. He has been organizing Vinahouse Party in Hokkaido, Japan for many years. I was really surprised when I found his music and Vinahouse party on SNS. so I decided to order him an exclusive mix for Mogra Radio. please check this Japanese Vinahouse DJ mix out.


Robiniki (Vinahouse Nhật Bản)

DJ/Digger in Hokkaido, Japan Founder/Organizer of "Vinahouse Nhật Bản"

He got to know Vinahouse when Indonesian dance music Funkot was introduced to Japan, and became the first Japanese to start DJing Vinahouse. Currently, he is the only Japanese who has organized a Vinahouse Only Party in Japan.

He is also involved in Vinahouse track making and introducing Vinahouse to Japan. He is introducing not only Vinahouse, but also Vietnamese pop music to Japan.


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