Play #20 Datodeo (Live)

In Vietnam, it is said that the government destroyed most of the art and culture after the Vietnam War. The same goes for the record culture. However, there are two famous collectors in the country who went around to the houses of their grandparents in the countryside and bought records that still existed. One of them, Datodeo, who is also a resident DJ of The Observatory, made a mix using only rare Vietnamese recordings and presented it at Mole Hole, a party of Mogra Radio based in Saigon. Some of the tracks are not even on Discogs and are worth up to $600 a piece!

LIVE mix recording - Mole Hole at wamsaigon June 2020. Check this video



Long-time record collector, Datodeo moved his collection to Vietnam and has since spent most of his spare time spinning around the city. Rooted in jazz-funk and disco in all its forms, Datodeo loves exploring all sorts of musical landscapes during his sets, with a predilection for afro rhythms, latin flavours, and house infused grooves. He also runs the Vietnam Loves Vinyl page on Facebook.


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