Yoshi Nori - Mogra Radio #037

Mograradio Sep 12, 2021

Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, the most notable label in Asia is probably 禁 Jin and the Siamese Twins, which is run by Yoshi san.

When we played the same event at The Observatory in 2019, Yoshi said he would like to do a warm up set! and this mix felt like an updated version of the set he played terrace of OBS.

I don't realistically know when we'll be able to play together in Vietnam again, but I hope you'll check out what 禁 Jin and the Siamese Twins are up to.(Teruu)


Yoshi Nori [TW] - Mogra Radio mix

Yoshi Nori (禁 Jin / Siamese Twins)

With roots from Taiwan and Japan, Yoshi Nori cut his teeth as a DJ in Chicago around 2003.

Not only was he heavily influenced by raw Chicago house sound, combination of minimal side of neo-Detroit, and renaissance of early 2000 post-punk movement shaped as foundation for his ever unpredictable DJ sets.

Starting 2020 Yoshi Nori launched Taipei based label "禁 Jin", and also co-founded Bangkok based label "Siamese Twins". On one hand JIN aims to introduce Asia's fast rising talents while focuses on futuristic acid vibe whereas Siamese Twins centers around BKK's up and coming Sunju Hargun and showcases psychedelic side of electronics music.

Track list :

  1. Nic Ford - Cybered [Siamese Twins Records]
  2. Medlar - CR78-108
  3. New Hook & Perel - The Lambs Suffer
  4. Dispo 5000 - Klingenberg
  5. Round - Days (JT's Especie Invasora Remix)
  6. I Gem - 2 Tha People
  7. 6th Borough Project - McLovin
  8. Baaz - Ringo
  9. Omar Joesoef - Morning World
  10. Nic Arizona - The Leap (I'm into Teleporting)
  11. Sunju Hargun - Chale (Initials B.B. Remix) [JIN禁]
  12. Nic Arizona - Chapter Aleph (Malibu Storm)
  13. Ocram Orchestra - 台北捷運 Taipei MRT



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