Tobes - Mogra Radio #029

Mograradio Jul 19, 2021

The four of us checked out his mix, which was sent to us out of the blue, and we were immediately hooked on his groove.
It's a naturally shifting mix of R&B / Disco / House grooves with a lot of magic in it.

The mix is like a cross between uplifting and melancholy, The groove is uninterrupted from start to finish.(Teruu)

Tobes - Mogra Radio #029

Tobes (Much Love)

After years on dance floors across Europe, Australia and now Asia, Tobes has developed a love for music that allows him to fall into the groove.

Digging into old-school house jams, searching for forgotten gems and disco delights, he’s geared up to provide a feel good affair, with a nostalgic flavour. Playing a mix of uplifting vocals and infectious basslines that will loosen up your hips and leave you stomping your feet.

For his latest project 'Much Love' he's teamed up with Savage's Daddy, Ouissam and fellow UK selector JustHilda. Organising a new monthly party at Savage in Hanoi, aiming to get the crowd moving with a focus towards a more colourful and fun atmosphere.

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From Tokyo, Based in Saigon since 2013. Co-founder of Mogra Radio, Web/Sound engineering, etc...