Taku Hirayama - Mogra #030

Podcast Jun 7, 2021

Taku told me that this is the most sparkling mix he has ever made.Please enjoy this mix, which is different from his previous works and expresses the image he felt in Saigon, Vietnam. (Teruu)

Taku Hirayama [JP,HK] - Mogra Radio EP3 ~Le thanh ton St.~ #001


Taku Hirayama has cultivated a wide range of music selection with many chances of musical meeting across the globe in past years. Leaving the shores of southern Japan, Taku relocated himself to Hong Kong over a decade ago. There he launched his own platform "Junktion”, a venture for inviting credible names in the industry and like-minded artists, also exposing hidden talents to global audience.

Gained experience and expertise in the booth with countless hours while touring all over Asia and Europe, Taku crafted certain DJ skills and developed his signature trippy groove. Honing a sound that spreads smoothly and extensively, bending it into a linear, forward pushing energy, leaving genres and perceptions of time behind. His sets turn the dancefloor into a meditative or mind-bending experiment, drench dancers in sound and conclude the story with a hope at the end of the night.




From Tokyo, Based in Saigon since 2013. Co-founder of Mogra Radio, Web/Sound engineering, etc...