Peachonfuse - Mogra Radio #028

Podcast Jun 8, 2021

In recent years, she has played for some of the most famous crews in Berlin and around the world, including Sound Metaphors and Sameheads.
When she came to Vietnam two years ago, she said that got great energy in Vietnam.
I'm honored to finally be able to collaborate with her in this way.

Mogra Radio Episode 4 - Yersin St. --Asian Taste, Rare Groove Bargains Mix Series-
#001 Peachonfuse


Peachonfuse, a Berlin-based Japanese DJ, producer. The deepness of her musical research delivers a beautiful and mellow complexity to her sets and productions. Her original style brings together several different music genres, such as Asian Disco pop Music, Hi-NRG,  Italo Disco, Experimental obscure sounds and literally many, many others.




From Tokyo, Based in Saigon since 2013. Co-founder of Mogra Radio, Web/Sound engineering, etc...