Nao - Mogra Radio #045

Mograradio Jul 22, 2022

I heard hers Hiphop set about 10 years ago, and it was the coolest thing I'd ever heard. Please enjoy this set, which leads to a new fourth world of Nao, who manipulates a wide variety of music as well as techno.(Teruu)

Nao (rural)

Organizer and resident DJ of the open-air party 'rural', she has personally invited unique
international artists such as CUTHANDS and DOLPHINS INTO THE FUTURE, etc. She plays a
variety of genres with techno as her main genre, She has often djed at FUJIROCK FESTIVAL,
Dommune, NTS radio in LA, etc. She has played in various countries from Asia such as Taiwan
and Korea to LA, NY, Vancouver and Tel Aviv etc.



From Tokyo, Based in Saigon since 2013. Co-founder of Mogra Radio, Web/Sound engineering, etc...