Metsä | Mole Hole x Yohei Yama Book Launch Party at Vin Gallery

Mograradio Jul 22, 2021

"Shall we plan a daytime party?"

That's what someone said at a planning meeting one day. After that, the concept, casting, and location were decided at an amazing speed.
The concept was to create a peaceful space where people could bring their children, in the style of Mogra Radio.
Another thing we have been trying to do for a long time is to combine with Saigon based artists other than music.
As soon as we decided on this concept, his name came up, "山 洋平(Yama Yohei)".

He is a painter from Vinh gallery based in Saigon.
He is also in an experimental and avant-garde band with Colombian musician Felipe under the name Metsä. All the ingredients were there. The timing was right, as his solo exhibition was scheduled to open at the gallery, so we decided on the gallery as the venue for the opening and finished everything.

"Metsä | Mole Hole x Yohei Yama Book Launch Party at Vin Gallery"

The live performance of "Metsä" in two parts, combined with the atmosphere of the gallery, made me feel as if I was watching a movie. each member of Metsa turned over a so-called toy box filled with instruments on the floor and sat in the center of it. and with all the instruments within arm's reach, and their performance began.

Steelpan, a synthesizer, an electric guitar, a children's toy piano, and even some rocks. Chopsticks made of copper. Using these unique instruments, Metsä gradually created their own unique atmosphere. Keith's percussion as a guest added a nice touch. Even the children, who had been running around without their mother's permission, took their places in the front row and were glued to Metsä's performance without blinking. The performance, which lasted less than an hour, was like listening to a story, with every note telling a story.

When the performance was over, there was a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere in the gallery, and many people came to shake Metsä's hand. When I went outside, I found Ichi playing Rock steady at a special booth in the courtyard. The children were running out in the courtyard, again, despite their mother's restraint.

It was a day when I felt the potential of music.






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