Itch - Mogra Radio #038

Mograradio Sep 18, 2021

I think DJ like Itch-san, who introduce rare music sources from different countries to the world, should be appreciated more.Thank you for introducing us to the music of Southeast Asia, which is full of surprises and discoveries that will never see the light of day for a long time. There are so many names of subgenres I don't know ! So deep Asian Funk music.
(Teruu/Mogra Radio)

Itch - Mogra Radio #038


Mogra Radio: In this mix, did you use any tracks that you found in record stores in Singapore? What kind of store is it and what do you like about it?

Itch: There are a total of 26 records in this mix. I used a couple of 10inch records that I bought in Jakarta, but all the rest are 7inch records that I found in the corners of record stores and antique stores in Singapore or sold to me by record collectors.

If I had to recommend a record store in Singapore, I would say Red Point Record Warehouse , which has been a regular customer. The appeal of this store is the huge amount of used records that cover the entire wall. They have a wide range of records, from Western music and jazz to Asian records, and it was here that I started to select the music I listen to now. This is the store that taught me the appeal of Asian grooves.

Mogra Radio: How has your life and scene changed since this Covid-19 situation? What is your outlook for the future?

Itch: After Covid-19 situation is started, Singapore also went into lockdown and I lost all my DJ activities.  "NIGHTCAP" was a regular monthly event at White Label Records Bar, which was opened by the Singapore Community Radio team, but it was a shock when it was closed due to Covid-19.
They continue to do that with the online program of Singapore Community Radio , but I miss the crowd and that atmosphere when I'm streaming from home. I think most DJs in Singapore feel the same way.

There was a time when Singapore banned background music inside restaurants and other food establishments as an anti-corona measure. Nowadays, it is allowed to play soft background music in restaurants, but it is not allowed to play loud music like in clubs. So it seems unlikely that I will be DJing in the store for a while.

Mogra Radio: How has the long lockdown affected you, environmentally and psychologically?

Itch: For the past year and a half, I haven't been able to travel and I've been at home a lot, so it's been a great opportunity to listen to my vinyl records that I've been saving up. In January 2020 I went to Bangkok, in February I went to Taipei, and in Kuala Lumpur I attended the 2nd anniversary event of my favorite music space "fono", so I had more and more opportunities to travel with my DJ bag, but suddenly everything went blank from March(2020) onwards.
Stopping by record stores while traveling was one of my favorite things to do, but I disappointed that I can't do that now.

On the other hand, I could challenge myself to DJ on a new platform of live streaming, so I thought it was a good opportunity.  It was a good opportunity for me because I was able to challenge myself to DJ on a new platform, live streaming. Also, it was easy for me to choose from the record shelves in my room instead of carrying a heavy DJ bag. But after a year and a half of doing this, I'm still sad that I can't feel the audience.

If I ever get the chance to go to Vietnam, I'm looking forward to the day I can meet some of my fellow music lovers at the venue!


[Nanyang Groove for Mogra Radio] mix by Itch
Recorded on 31-Aug-2021
Time: 70mins

  1. P. Ramlee - Bunyi Guitar
  2. Norma Sanger - Mana Orangnja
  3. Alijah Aman with J.L. - Sukiaki
  4. Pattie Bersaudara - Pergi Kebulan
  5. Trio Bintang - Abunawas
  6. Blue Lake Combo - Bombora
  7. 鍾玲玲 (Betty Chung) - 你怎能瞞過我 (Bang Bang)
  8. 朱鳳 (Lotus Liew) - 那兒來的一首歌 (Let's Dance)
  9. 張萊萊 (Chang Lye Lye) - 歡樂今宵 (Night Of Happiness)
  10. Sanisah Huri - Baju Hijau
  11. Dewi Yana - Dodoi Di Dodoi
  12. L. Ramli dengan Orkes Teruna Ria - Ayah Ku Kawin Lagi
  13. Irni Yusnita - Si Riko
  14. 何如 (Judith Ho) - 等我情郎 (Unchain My Heart)
  15. 張露 (Chang Loo) - 不再等待 (Calypso Blues)
  16. Ahmad Jais - Do’a Dan Pesan Ku
  17. Keith Locke and The Quests - Push Push
  18. Rafeah Buang - Menanti Sidia
  19. Sanisah Huri - Ku Berikan Pada Nya
  20. Kamaliah Latiff - Muzik Dan Manusia
  21. Anita Sarawak - Katakan Pada Ku (You Wanted To Be Your Baby)
  22. Clique Fantastique - Kenangan
  23. The Rezas - Gembira
  24. Irni Yusnita - Dino
  25. Tetty Kadi - Dirantauan
  26. Salamiah Hassan - Ku Gembira (I Can See Clearly Now)


Itch(NIGHTCAP / Singapore, Japan)

DJ and a vinyl collector, based in Singapore.

His musical journey is inspired by the “local exotic funk a-go-go” music from Singapore and Nanyang/Nusantara region produced in 1960s to ’80s, such as Nanyang A-Go-Go or Hala-Hala, Malay Funk, Hokkien Disco, Cantonese Funk, Pop Yeh Yeh, Asian City Pop, and other underrated groovy exotic music. Itch’s vinyl record DJ set specialises in discovering the Asian groove, introducing the forgotten local music gems to modern listeners to enjoy, and brings back nostalgic vibes for old-timers.

Itch has appeared in various events/festivals in Singapore, and also spinned in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Jakarta, Taipei, and Tokyo. Currently, he is a resident DJ at Singapore Community Radio program “NIGHTCAP”, introducing Citypop and Asian Boogie.

[Visual] Image by Rizman Putra



From Tokyo, Based in Saigon since 2013. Co-founder of Mogra Radio, Web/Sound engineering, etc...