Barry Sunset- Mogra Radio #016

Podcast Jun 17, 2021

I can't tell you how many times I've listened to Barry Sunset's mixes on repeat. I'm writing this right now, listening to his mixes, feeling his love for music and many genres of music he must have been influenced by, with his great mix sense and genre-bending song selection.

The first time experienced his dj was at the after party of Studio adventure-Sakura garden last year. After the main party, I went to the after party and he was about to start playing.

I was already hooked after listening to a few of the songs he played. He was playing funk.disco.rock at a slow BPM, but it was not easy to define his genre. It was refreshing, but at the same time, it reminded me of the stability of a veteran Dj who has been through a lot. The booth was filled with his love for music. The floor was gradually filled with great very positive vibes, and I found myself huddled in front of the booth, unable to move..

At that point, I decided to request the Mix for Mogra Radio. I was so excited that I contacted him immediately the next day, as I vividly remember.

Barry Sunset mix for Mogra Radio-#016-

Let's get back to "Barry Sunset mix for Mogra Radio-#016-“,

the first time I listened to it, my impression was that it was a skilful mix full of love, there are not many mixes where you can read the personality of the DJ and his passion for the music, but this mix is definitely one of them. It's a mix that you can dance to, jog to, or just enjoy during your morning coffee break.

I hope you will experience it too!



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